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Aug 12, 2013 4:30am EDT
intercepted a bear. >> for us to be there is one chance in a trillion. >> these people didn't want to talk to us. >> riders say they had a short conversation with them last week but didn't know about the amber alert. anderson will be reunited with her father after her mother and brother were found dead. >>> a 2 year old boy is safe after disappearing yesterday. 2 year old isaiah perez was found in providence. polic issued an amber alert. two men were arrested. parez wasn't found with them. police located him wondering the streets alone. >> he appears to be in good health. the toddler lived at a home where the victims with killed. his relationship to the victims is unknown and unclear how the 2 year old came to be wondering in the streets alone after being taken. >>> a michigan doctor is waking up behind bars accused of committing health care fraud. he misdiagnosed and mistreated patients. agents arrested him and raided his offices. the doctor's attorney says his client is innocent and feds duped by disgruntled employees. he is due in court tomorrow for a bond hearing. >>> a person is missi
Aug 9, 2013 4:30am EDT
the greatest drive times coming up >>> new this morning dozens of employees at the u.s. consulate in pakistan have been ordered to leave because of a specific threat to the mission. a u.s. official says the action is a precautionary measure and it's not connected to the closures of other u.s. embassies around the world. the state department has issued a nonessential travel warning to american citizens for traveling to pakistan. >>> president obama is planning to hold a news conference today to talk about the terror alert issued earlier this week. and he is also expected to address the cancellation of his trip to moscow to meet with president putin. president obama axed the trip after russia granted temporary asylum to edward snowden. >>> taking a look at news around the nation, crews are battling a huge wild fire. this is what they are dealing with. this is the situation in southern california. the mountains -- in the have been destroyed and the number could grow as they continue tie sees the damage. -- continue to assess the damage. people in five towns have been told to get out and the fire
Aug 13, 2013 4:30am EDT
. stay with us at abc2 news hash tag gmm on twitter. >>> tonight the eldersburg community will get a second chance to end violence. last tuesday hundreds came out for the events around baltimore for the national night owled. -- night out. tonight's event will include food music and activities for the kids. and it starts at 6 in the sykesville freedom district fire department carnival route. >>> pair of burglars are terrorizing in pigtown. those living there say two teens broke into one house saturday. that home owner posted a description of the suspects on a neighborhood watch page and then the very next day, the teens were back in the same neighborhood. neighbors followed the teens until they disappeared on washington boulevard five minutes before police showed up. >> we discussed the response time which i think was about 2 hours later after at least five neighbors called 911 yesterday. it was about two hours later they arrived. i think four cars showed up. by that time, the kid had left. >> police say the records show the units arrived 5 to 10 minutes after the initial 911 call.
Aug 20, 2013 4:30am EDT
that there's a link there. they didn't specifically make that connection. they left that for us to make. >> ben ray who runs shank blog attended this meeting. he said the robberies prompted some in the audio to ask about ecoatm machine, the kiosks that spit out cash on the site to recycle cell phones. there's one in towson town mall. >> that's when the suggestion was made by the police, simply look at the direction in which the pattern and the perpetrators are moving and the implication is they're moving towards those kiosk machines. >> baltimore police say their investigation into these cell phone robberies is still ongoing and they're not confirming whether or not suspects were cashing them in at those kiosks. however, those machines are already an issue with law enforcement as well as lawmakers. >>> a 25-year-old man is dead after being alive. he was down 9 feet digging footers. the homeowner said he hired construction workers to do the work. >> i just got down and started digging as far as i could. the homeowner called 911. it was just tragic. we could hear his coworkers yelling to
Aug 8, 2013 4:30am EDT
. >>> a lot of money is headed to the u.s. coast guard yard at curtis bay. today senator barbara mccullsky is set to announce $21 million for the shipyard. the money will be used for ship building and repair jobs. the yard is the coast guard's only building facility and employs 500 civilian workers. >>> let's talk about what going on this morning. the slrd picking up -- the satellite and radar picking up on the clouds and a few showers mainly to the south of d.c. this morning, a rumble of thunder and lightning rolling through the area last night. we're talking about baltimore county, carroll county, severe thunderstorm warnings, large hail, damaging winds. not the case this morning, but we do have that potential once again this afternoon. sticking on the severe weather theme once again, back across the central part of the u.s. and also across the tennessee valley for today, they will have the chance for some more severe weather across that area and also some flooding potential. lots of moisture in the atmosphere once again. we're talking about these dewpoints in the 70s in a lot of
Aug 19, 2013 4:30am EDT
of the egypt an ambush by extremist militants on two mini bus killed 24 police men. they used rocket propelled grenades as the two buss were driving through a village near the border in the cyanide peninsula. back in cairo the egyptian military maintains high presence following a weekend of clashes in city streets. egypt's military led government is pondering the next move after days of bloody conflicts with supporters. the ousted president morsi. members of the european union will meet to discuss how to handle the crisis in egypt. >>> 4:41. we are following breaking news the olympic running accused of murdering his girlfriend has a trial day. this photograph of oscar pistorius was taken hours ago in a south africa court. the date is march 3rd. ies charged with-- he is charged with killing his girlfriend in february. the proceedings just adjourned and pistorius reportedly left the courtroom.>>> it's 4:42. if you are about to head out the door, hang on because mike masco is here to let you know how to prepare. >> we are getting complaints. it's too cold out there. >> please. >> just wait it's c
Aug 21, 2013 4:30am EDT
of the city in frederick. might need to use low bahamas. high speeds across the region. 63 miles per hour eastbound here at columbia pike. no problems getting over to 695. 95 also in good shape. we have some construction that's blocking two southbound lanes at route 32. northbound travel nice and clear, 6 minutes from route 100 up to the beltway, and typical drive times on 695 right now, the west side it will take you just 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 down to 95 and the east side of the beltway in the clear, 11 minutes as well to travel the outer loop from 95 up to 83. that is your time saver traffic. >>> more pay but longer workweek, that's what baltimore city firefighters can expect in the near future. unions have reached a deal on a new contract. we'll tell you what the acting chief thinks about this agreement. >> they were only 5 and 7 but two young girls did not let their age get in the way of saving the day, why one mother says her daughters are her hero. >>> community leaders are meeting with the hartford county school board to talk about a pay to play policy. the s
Aug 22, 2013 4:30am EDT
alasaid's rejet stream used toxic gas to kill 130 people that killed children as they slept. the syrian government denies the weapons, calling the allegations "absolutely baseless." this morning the united states, britain and france are demanding that a team of u.n. experts already in syria investigate the claims into the attack. >>> taking a look at the other stories making headlines around the nation this morning, we're hearing the chilling 911 calls made from inside an atlanta- area elementary school where a gunman opened fire. police say michael brandon hill entered ronald e. mcnair discovery learning academy armed with an ak-47 rifle and about 500 rounds of ammunition. he fired at least one shot inside the school and one outside -- and went outside to exchange gunfire with approaching police officers. that's when the bookkeeper there, antoinette tuff called 91 now listen closely. you can hear gunshots in the background. >> stay on the line with me now. where are you? >> i'm in the front office. oh, he just went outside and started shooting. >> can you get somewhere safe? >> yeah.
Aug 23, 2013 4:30am EDT
have a great photo for us we would love to see it. just send it to and the next few days you can see improving conditions. 84 on saturday and sunday 83. i will have the extended forecast coming up but right now let's check the traffic with lauren. >> reporter: we are looking at high speeds across the region this friday morning. we check in and look at the harrisburg expressway in hunt valley, 65 miles per hour southbound at shawan road. you are not going to have problems down to the beltway. jfx will remain nice and clear. 95 up in harford and moving along. here's a live look at route 543 and you won't have trouble in the white march be area. from the harbor tunnel to the fort mchenry toll plaza. 6 minutes on 6 # 5 speeds will remain -- 695, speeds will remain high. and the west side also calm. we are in the green with an 11- minute trip on outer loop from 795 all the way down to 95. that's your timesaver traffic. >>> 4:49. two teens from harford county know the importance of donating blood. josh wilson needed 15 units to survive after he and a friend were in a serious cr
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9